Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm Back! . . . again, lol

So sorry I've been away for a whole year, I can't believe how quickly time passes by. Not sure if anyone's missed me though, lol. Lucky I wrote my password down this time. Not like the last time where it took me almost an hour to log on, lol. Oh so many changes here. Not sure if I can keep up with it all so bit by bit for me.

Can someone please tell me, what's all this about connecting these blogs to Google? Not sure what that's all about and what's involved. Everything is too overwhelming so any comments and advice would be greatly appreciated, thankyou. I managed to add my Facebook url but not sure where that's going to end up, lol.

Since the last time, I have been busy uploading products to my website and ripping my hair out at the same time, lol. The page may take awhile to load due to all the images so please be patient. Sometimes a good ol' 'refresh' will do the trick :-) There you will find a special Mother's Day sale of 35% discount on a total purchase over $10.00. In other words, you must spend $10.00 to receive the discount so come along and grab some cool commercial use graphics to use for your creative projects.

Also, have been busy with a designs-n-stuff Facebook page so please do come by and say 'hi'. I need all the 'likers' I can get ;-)

I have had many requests for templates lately also. You can view some templates in my eBay store here. Will show some customised templates soon here and on Facebook.

Well my dear bloggie friends, hope you enjoy your day and I'll be back soon . . . I promise! Hmmm, now let's see if I can update some of my bloggie images with a minimum of fuss, lol.

I would like to give you this beautiful flower from my garden. I just love the colours don't you? Perhaps you can use this image to create a wonderful Mother's Day card or little tag. I just ask please do not sell the image as is. No problem to pass onto a friend and use for good use, thankyou. Oh, by the way, I used these flowers to create my Floral templates on eBay. You can find the templates here.

Cheers from Downunder (where kangaroos and koalas don't hang out in our backyards, well not most anyway, lol).

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