Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Profile Photo

I'd like to explain the origin of my profile photo. Well, obviously it's not me, lol, but my cute little almost 4yr old daughter Renee, who was 2yrs old at the time. She was playing on the trampoline in our backyard with her older brother Tristen. I took a few photos of them and captured some fine moments. This was one of them. The innocence and joy from simply jumping and having fun on the trampoline. You can almost hear her sweet little giggle, lol.

Here also is a photo of my 16yr old daughter Chrystelle, jumping and posing in mid-air taken by my other daughter 13yr old at the time, Samantha (not pictured here). Hmm, confusing??? I have 3 daughters and 2 sons. This photo was not manipulated in any way. You can see the shadow of her on the back fence (please excuse the neighbour's ugly sheds, lol, don't tell him I said that, lol again). Yeah, I'm big on 'lol'. I just loved Renee's photo and practically use it for all my user avatars. (These photos seem to be
'plonked' all over the
place, lol).
Please visit again as I will hopefully tomorrow show you some of my work.
Until then, take care and God bless.
Cheers, Jules :-)


  1. Hello! thank you for your lovely comments on my blog - i loved doing that painting, my children 26,24 & 14 now (boo hoo) are the most precious things in my life, i love them all through thick and thin. The painting might look peaceful - our lives have been rather different, i think it was wishful thinking lol. I love your photos, beautiful. Shall look forward to seeing some of your work. Good luck with your blogging x

  2. Oh Ruthie, thankyou for replying. I was about to shutdown. 12.30am in Aust, yawn. 26 and 24, wow, you look way too young. My Jamie will be 20 this year and yes, boo hoo, time goes much too fast. I still think he's little at times all snuggled in his bed, lol. Well, bet your 14yr old keeps you up to date with all the trends, lol. I know my teenagers do and it's pretty good 'cos we get to share clothes, ha ha ha. Thankyou for you wishes. Good luck to you to Ruthie. Your illustrations are truly beautiful. Cheers, Jules :-) PS: I still don't quite get replying on a post so hope this works, fingers-crossed.

  3. YAY!!!! Amazing new look, sweet Jules! LOVE the pics of your kiddies - always wondered what the story was behind the giggly little face! ;o)

    Much luv to you - send you an email later!

    Dawn xxxxoooo