Thursday, February 26, 2009

Goldfish are quite smart

OK . . . here's the goldfish story . . . My 2 eldest daughters love to bring pets home "Please Mum, why can't we have a giraffe?" well of course they didn't ask for that, ha ha ha, but the last pets we had were 2 male mice which progressed into the backyard then filled with about 30 baby mice. Long story but anyway, now they've settle for goldfish. Sam has 3 and Chrystelle has 2. We have 2 separate fish tanks . . . go figure . . . anyway, due to the hot weather we've been having here in Australia, I told the girls to bring their tanks downstairs as it gets quite hot upstairs and we didn't want 'boiled fish' now did we, lol, so down they came, in the kitchen, hogging my bench space. My computer is right next to the bench where the fish are and I thought one day that perhaps one of the fish may jump out and land in my bag of papers here (which I haven't sorted out yet). I have a habit of always looking at the fish and making sure there are 3 in one tank and 2 in the other. Well . . . about 2 weeks ago, I'd just put my son to bed and came into the kitchen and noticed the fish were hanging around the end corner and digging into the stones. I thought that was bizarre, "what on earth could they be doing?" I thought they were killing one of the fish and trying to bury it in the stones before I would see, but how ridiculous is that!? lol. I then realised there were only 2 fish in Sam's tank. I checked every side and above to see if there were 3. (hard to tell sometimes as the glass can reflect their image and as they swim, it gets a little confusing, lol). As I stood gazing at the tank with my mouth open wondering where on earth the other goldfish went to, I had that awful feeling that it may have taken a nose dive right into my bag of papers, so I slowly peered in the bag and yep, sure enough, there it was, upside down fighting for dear life. I thought, great, what do I do now? If I touch that fish I will have a heart attack (a bit like moths with me also, lol). It had landed on an envelope which had all my stamps and stuff in it that I use for eBay, so I quickly grabbed a tablespoon and somehow scooped it up and quickly plonked it back into the tank. The poor thing just sank to the bottom and I watched it telling him "You can do it, come on" (lol). I threw practically the whole container of fish food in there (no, not that much) and within a few minutes, it was back swimming around hogging into the fish food like nothing had ever happend. YIPPEE! I had a smile from ear to ear. The other 2 fish were 'snuggling up' to that fish, I'm not kidding. I had told the girls what happened and they were shocked. Sam said "that's suicide". I had to laugh. Sam came down later and said "Mum, look at all that food in the tank, how much did you give them?" I said "I felt sorry for it", lol. Anyway, I realised later on that those 2 fish knew that the other fish had 'thrown itself' out of the water and was trying to find it as they were in the exact spot where the fish had fallen. I didn't think that fish were that smart and I thought they had a short term memory????? Also, every morning and pretty much all day, when I enter that kitchen, they come to the front corner and watch me and wait for me to feed them. I'm not kidding. They keep watching me until I give them something, so they remember where I feed them also. You can see in one of the photos how 2 of them are staring right at me. The photos aren't the best quality and I tried to sharpen them a little. I couldn't use a flash due to the glass and I'd probably give them a heart attack and they'd jump out and land on my head, then I would have the heart attack. lol. I have half covered the top of the tank as I don't trust 'Houdini' and I'm hoping we can make some sort of lid with netting or fly screen so this won't happen again. That fish was lucky I walked into the kitchen when I did. I don't want to see that again. I always dreaded that one of them would fall into my bag and I'd find it months later all shrivelled up or something, gross, lol. Hope you got a laugh anyway :-)
PS: Am I supposed to put this on another topic (blog) derr, please tell me.

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  1. You're a hero!!!! hehe ;o) Poor little fish, so lucky you came to the rescue when you did! I've never had fish - I couldn't trust my kitty-cats around them - besides, it would be one more thing to worry about IF we ever get to go on vacation!

    I loved this story Sweet Jules! ;o)

    Love you mmmmmmmuch!

    Dawn xxxooo