Friday, February 20, 2009

Fairies Template

Gosh, evenings are so tiring for me with blogging, I really should do this in the mornings but I'm afraid my alarm (mobile phone) doesn't co-operate very well or I seem to turn the blasted thing off in my sleep, and throw it to the end of my bed, therefore continuing (how do u spell that??? derr!) my slumber until my 'back-up' alarm wakes me and there's no ignoring that (my Renee, lol) although I try at times, besides, she's too heavy to throw to the end of my bed, lol.
OK, as I promised yesterday, here I have included a piece of my work that I sell on eBay and OZtion (although I've been slack with OZtion lately, tst, tst). I design listing templates . . . you know . . . the pretty borders that decorate the description in selling items on eBay??!! Well, that's what I've been doing for the past year. There is so much to learn with html although rumours have it that it's 'kid's stuff' but I'm still racking my brain with it all, lol. I usually photograph my subjects first and somehow incorporate them into a creative design. I produce many backgrounds also which I hope to eventually sell on a cd also. With this Fairies template (only top part is showing), you will notice my subject is my sweet Renee (my profile pic). The costume she's wearing is from a showbag I bought here at the Royal Melbourne Show. It took her awhile (about 2 weeks) to even attempt to wear it but my Samantha quickly caught this moment on camera, phew. Now the costume is back in the wardrobe where she wants it, lol, strange child, ha ha, anyway . . . As you can see, the bubbles photo I took while my 3 younger children were in the backyard playing with their bubble machines (that we also bought from The Show, quite an expensive day, lol). Took ages to capture the perfect photo but eventually got one good enough to use. You may click image and then right-click and 'Set as Background' for a 1024 x 768 Wallpaper. It may take awhile to go 'Back' as it is a large file (let me know if you'd like it smaller or larger) I incorporated both images, changed colours and added effects to achieve the template result. The cursor has a her little fairy face with wings. You can see it in the template image above in the right-hand corner of the description. I have written 5 step-by-step Tutorial eBooks on how to upload the templates, how to reduce image sizes and how to upload your photos onto a hosting site. With eBay's new digital download policies, all digital items must be posted on a cd (grrrrrr!) Here you can see what the cd will look like. I also add many eBooks and other cool stuff on the cd so buyers will feel they are getting more value for money. I really enjoy printing the labels on the cd although my printer only works when it feels like it. If I don't use it everyday, the ink must dry-up a little or the jets get blocked and then I have to clean the darn thing, soooo annoying . . . like I have the time too . . . like! (I've been hanging around teenagers too long me thinks, lol).
Well folks, that's today's exciting blog from me . . . cough, cough. Please take a look at my website link or click on the heading 'Fairies Template' and it will take you to all my selling templates and you can have a better full view of all the templates and there's glitter stuff too. This Fairies template comes with silver glitter and one in non-glitter (for those that don't like the 'Las Vegas' look, lol).
I must tell you the story about my daughters and their goldfish hopefully tomorrow . . . seems they are smarter than we think (the goldfish that is, not my daughters . . . well I mean yeah, they're smart too but, oh shuttup . . . lol) I have much more to show you all. Please leave me a comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions. My poor friend Dawn (Harmony Quest) is trying to comment all the time and I think she's getting exhausted, lol. Hi Gorgeous :-)
Cheers from Downunder, Jules :-)
oh, I almost forgot, feel free to use any of these images for whatever but please don't declare them as your own or sell them as individuals. I would love to see what you can create with them too please. Ok, Ok, I'm going. Wow! I did go on and on in this blog :-0


  1. Hi Sweet Jules!

    I didn't know that your fairies template was your beautiful Renee! She makes a lovely fairy! Look at you go with all this blogging! And you have another follower - Yay!

    But, what about the goldfish? You going to tell us about them? I'm waiting....... lol ;o)

    Hope you have a wonderful day today and we'll catch up soon!

    Much love,

    Dawn xxxxoooo

  2. Love how you design these templates - they look awesome on ebay listings! Thank you for leaving a message about seamless patterns - that's a very cool website. And you're so sweet for making those nice comments about my scrapbook pages!

  3. Thankyou sooo much for your comment Gail. It really means a lot to me. I was surfing the blogs last night and saw so many creative people. I was ready to go 'slash my wrists' (he he) due to feeling so inadequate with digital images, ha ha. I don't understand how people have time to be so creative. It takes me ages to do one simple thing. Your scrapbook pages are lovely and hopefully I can do something like that with my millions of photos here. Keep up the great work and thanks for showing them in your blog. How proud you must be to have those beautiful great grandchildren. Think I'll 'stalk you' (ha ha, 'follow' I mean) so I can see your next beautiful scrapbook pages. All the best! Cheers, Jules :-)

  4. Hi Dawn Darling, thanks for your comment. Ha ha, I know I can rely on you all the time :-) Yeah, Yeah, I'm getting to the fish. Grrr, Time factor again and the other night was a bit stressful here due to those blasted bushfires heading towards my ex's house and my best friend's house in Belgrave South. All contained now but tomorrow will be 38deg and is a worry for the firemen. They need to be on alert so please God, hope things don't get worse. There are 5 fires still going here in Victoria but they all seem to be contained thankfully. Still, the weather can change things unfortunately. Well, gotta go brush my teeth, lol and head to the grocer store (I should take out shares with them, I'm always there, lol) Love you girl. Jules :-)