Friday, May 10, 2013

Creating for a Cause - Multiple Sclerosis

designs-n-stuff is pleased to announce that we are participating in this weekend's event fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis by giving away discounted coupon codes from our website and eBay Auction Templates from our eBay store. Come along and participate for prices whilst helping a worthy cause. You can find all the details at their blog here

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Clipart Sets

Hi all, well, shame on me for not posting anything for awhile :-( I just can't keep up (and besides, I remembered my password, lol) But . . . I am pleased to tell you than I have been busy stocking our website with tonnes of Halloween and Christmas Clipart Sets.
Redeem this coupon code for 40% off until 31st October 2012: HappyHalloween40%_off

Here are some of the Halloween sets available on our site and eBay.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm Back! . . . again, lol

So sorry I've been away for a whole year, I can't believe how quickly time passes by. Not sure if anyone's missed me though, lol. Lucky I wrote my password down this time. Not like the last time where it took me almost an hour to log on, lol. Oh so many changes here. Not sure if I can keep up with it all so bit by bit for me.

Can someone please tell me, what's all this about connecting these blogs to Google? Not sure what that's all about and what's involved. Everything is too overwhelming so any comments and advice would be greatly appreciated, thankyou. I managed to add my Facebook url but not sure where that's going to end up, lol.

Since the last time, I have been busy uploading products to my website and ripping my hair out at the same time, lol. The page may take awhile to load due to all the images so please be patient. Sometimes a good ol' 'refresh' will do the trick :-) There you will find a special Mother's Day sale of 35% discount on a total purchase over $10.00. In other words, you must spend $10.00 to receive the discount so come along and grab some cool commercial use graphics to use for your creative projects.

Also, have been busy with a designs-n-stuff Facebook page so please do come by and say 'hi'. I need all the 'likers' I can get ;-)

I have had many requests for templates lately also. You can view some templates in my eBay store here. Will show some customised templates soon here and on Facebook.

Well my dear bloggie friends, hope you enjoy your day and I'll be back soon . . . I promise! Hmmm, now let's see if I can update some of my bloggie images with a minimum of fuss, lol.

I would like to give you this beautiful flower from my garden. I just love the colours don't you? Perhaps you can use this image to create a wonderful Mother's Day card or little tag. I just ask please do not sell the image as is. No problem to pass onto a friend and use for good use, thankyou. Oh, by the way, I used these flowers to create my Floral templates on eBay. You can find the templates here.

Cheers from Downunder (where kangaroos and koalas don't hang out in our backyards, well not most anyway, lol).

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm back, lol

Happy Easter to everyone (I know, I know, bit late now, lol) . . . Hi All, well, I guess I'm just talking to Lynn here, lol, Hi Lynn :-) Sorry I've been absent from my blog for so long. The usual, life keeping me busy. But . . . I've finally worked out how to upload my Graphic Collections and some eBooks to my website . . . Hip Hip Hooray! It's still a slow process as I must design previews but slowly slowly I'm getting there. I hope to add my templates and create more of those also.
It took me over an hour to log back into my blog today as I forgot what email I used and then the email account that I 'thought' I used, well, I forgot that password also, LOL. I think I'm on track now. I'm just not cut out for all this web sharing stuff I think, ha ha ha.
Anyway, gotta go again. Just wanted to say hi and show you I am still alive and being productive (slowly and quietly, lol).
God bless you all and keep you safe always XOXOXO

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Following Bloggie Friends

I tried to Follow one of my best friends and I ended up Following myself, LOL. I clearly have no idea! For goodness sakes, how hard is it to Follow someone around here ??????

Halloween Freebie

This week I would like to offer you some Halloween stuff . . . oooooooooooh.
Within this download you will receive the Halloween Recipes eBook:
- consisting of 286 printable pages
- loads of recipes and craft ideas

(click on image to download)

plus a folder consisting of 5 Halloween Vintage images for your crafty projects.
You can find my Vintage Images CD and others for sale on eBay here.
Don't forget to check out all the new Graphics Collections available for purchase at $2.00 each. I will be listing many Halloween Collections within the next few weeks so please keep a watch out.
Have a Super Dee Duper week and catch you soon with another freebie, woohoo!
Please leave a comment, I love hearing from other bloggers :-)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Commercial Use Freebie Photos

I'm back as promised in yesterday's post :-)
Here is just one of the photos you will receive (smaller size shown here):

Aren't they just so adorable? No, they are not real, lol, they are ornaments. There are 9 photos within the folder. You can use these for personal and/or commercial use. You can offer them as freebies on your own blog/website with credit back to my blog please. My terms folder is included within the download.

The photos are raw at 230dpi, 2304 x 1728 pixels. They are not perfect sharpness but they are good enough to work with a bit of manipulation and great for the web. You can use them as desktop wallpaper also :-)

Download for your PU or CU creations:

Hope you enjoy them. I've included a funny photo in there also. These budgies can get up to quite some mischief, lol. My 2 littlies created an animation with these budgies so I will upload that soon to show you :-)

I am going to try and come back every week or fortnight to share more freebies with you. In the meanwhile, come visit me to find some Graphic Collections for sale here:

Here is the animation created by my littlies with their dad. Not sure who had more fun, the kids or Dad, lol: